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Patrons  Lord Digby Jones, Timothy West CBE,  Vice-President Sir Christopher Bland     .               




Registered Charity No. 1116473 Company No. 5731754
Registered Office:- The Cottage, Mill Lane, Barford, Warwick, CV35 8EJ



About The Stratford and Warwick Waterways Trust

The Stratford and Warwick Waterways Trust Ltd is a group of like-minded individuals who both support and are committed to work towards achieving, the restoration of navigation on the River Avon from Stratford-upon-Avon to Warwick, to join the Grand Union Canal.  This link would create a linear water park providing wider access to the public to enjoy this highly scenic amenity, passing through some of the finest landscapes in central England. We believe that this waterway would act as a catalyst to other benefits.  

The opportunity exists to create and enhance wildlife sites and their safe observation, to improve footpaths, to provide car parking, more angling sites, small boat launching and camping sites, and to give a substantial benefit to the local economy, job creation and social inclusion.

Over 350 years ago, navigation was possible from Tewkesbury to the outskirts of Warwick. Since the completion of the renovation of the 46 miles of the Avon navigation between Tewkesbury and Stratford 37 years ago, efforts have been made to promote the restoration of the 12 miles of the upstream section. Recently this short length was identified by AINA (Association of Inland Navigation Authorities) as one of the few missing broad inland navigation links between the estuary of the Severn and the other major English estuaries (Mersey, Humber, Thames and the Wash).


This recognition by AINA coincides with a substantial shift in public and government attitudes to inland waterways, which are now appreciated for the opportunities they offer for economic growth, leisure, recreation, personal development, social inclusion and education. This Upper Avon Restoration has become a significant national issue.  It is the view of The Stratford and Warwick Waterways Trust Ltd that the inertia of past years can best be overcome if all those bodies that have a major interest in the river, the national and local authorities, private individuals and those that influence our political and economic resources, were to work together.  The Trust has been formed to co-ordinate these efforts with the achievement of restoration as its prime objective.



Roger Clay, Hon Sec.

The Cottage, Mill Lane, Barford, Warwick, CV35 8EJ

01926 624028